AIM Startups & the Big Music Project Live

Posted September 23, 2014

I’m not a machine music [INAMM] is a brand born out of international creative production house I’m not a machine productions [INAMP]. Though INAMP is well over 8 years of age – having seen its’ first light of day early on in 2006 for a national week long festival in England called 100% Pure (in what was due to be a one off event from the ‘production company’) – INAMM is a relative baby! Launched online in December 2013 and then given a live launch in March of this year, I’m not a machine music has already seen a transition from being a management based music company to developing into a new record label and publisher focusing on the recorded music of its’ artists.


What makes INAMM stand out is that it’s home to an all female roster of select singer songwriters! What helps us to be unique however is that ‘INAMM is in many ways more than just a music company, it is a brand spreading ideas of kindness, humanitarian values, and female empowerment’. With the help and support of AIM Startups in London, we have been able to take an idea and our opportunity to make a difference and begin to see it flourish. AIM Startups are an official delivery partner of the UK’s government loans scheme, which enables start up business in the region to have access to much needed financing. They specialise in supporting the creative industries – acting as a bridge from the ‘artist’ to the Start Up Loans Company, providing loan funding, mentoring, workshops and other key opportunities for business development.


Verity Pabla, founder of the ‘I’m not a machine’ concept – and now limited company, will be on the AIM panel [Association of Independent Music] at the Big Music Project Live all day event in London on Saturday 4th October to talk about how important and valuable the AIM Startups programme is. Plus, what it is to be a female singer songwriter in today’s music industry, at 12pm. If you’re between the ages of 14 and 24 you can register for a free ticket over on the Big Music Project website!