Tana, a vocalist, lyricist and performer from Birmingham, U.K. is ready to make her stamp on the world. Her debut EP ‘Phase One’ is out exclusively on I’m not a machine music in December 2014! With a smooth RnB soul sound Tana brings the popular 90s-00s sound to 2014 with style and class. Currently working on a five track Mix-Tape, she is exploring her songwriting through the genres of reggae/bashment, hiphop, and Pop-R&B. Flavours that have influenced Tana throughout her musical process to date. Watch this space…

“The thought of someone reacting to something I made is what drives me. Every piece of art creates a human reaction, whether they love me or hate me, they will feel something about me. On the plus side, if they do like
me, I long to hear a crowd singing my songs back to me when I’m performing. At that moment I will feel like all the hard work was effortless and I would do it 100x over just to relive that moment.”


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