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Posted August 28, 2018

Premium Bangers

Hey! We’re back with another update and the hope that your August is going well! Let’s jump straight in – we’ve had 5 album releases so far this month, and we have another 2 coming right up to be available … read more

Our Belgium Sub-Publisher: Stock Music


Stock Music Belgium

As our production music label has continued to take shape, we have been very happy to join with Stock Music in Belgium and Luxembourg who are our sub-publisher in those territories. Founder of I’m not a machine, Verity Pabla, had the … read more

I’m not a machine updates #1

Posted August 11, 2018

Chris Thomas Longing Album

Hey all! Long time no blog but here we are and lots happening over at the I’m not a machine HQ…First up, and the most recent news, is that we have partnered with ROBA Label Services in Hamburg on a … read more

Our UK Sub-Publisher: FELT Music

Posted December 4, 2017

FELT Production Music

This year our newly formed production music label has really started to develop well! After being scouted by the Head of Production Music at ROBA in Hamburg for Germany, Switzerland & Austria [and launching with them late last year] we … read more

Introducing Chris Thomas

Posted March 6, 2017

Introducing Chris Thomas

The award-winning Chris Thomas is a composer for film, TV & advertising. In addition to this, he can be found writing scores for theme parks, epic movie trailers, publishing orchestral concert music, and is resident composer for a selection of exciting … read more

Introducing Motif


Introducing Motif

Representing Motif’s music in media means Drum n Bass for commercial sync licensing and cool beats based electronica for production music on the I’m not a machine PM label. As a new UK producer, Motif has a contemporary production sound … read more