I’m not a machine music Soundcloud

Posted September 16, 2014

If you explore the Artists pages on our website you’ll discover one or two tracks from each singer songwriter on I’m not a machine music. We’re now happy to share more of that music over on our Soundcloud profile which is https://soundcloud.com/imnotamachinemusic There you can stream for free a lot more songs from our musicians whilst also hearing a select amount of music from other artists who we exclusively support! Some of them may not be female and may not even sing but these are guys the artists have been working alongside for many years, previous to the inception of INAMM, so sharing their creative talent is not only a must but a real pleasure. Take Si Hayden for example – founder of Silvery Records and featured on over 70 albums – you can listen to one of his solo albums ‘Acoustic Lines’ in full on our Soundcloud page.


That plus a whole lot more is available now, courtesy of I’m not a machine music. If you like the music and what we’re doing at INAMM then please sign up to the mailing list over on the homepage, where you’ll receive a fortnightly dose of inspiration and kindness with musical happenings sprinkled on top!