I’m not a machine productions is 7!

Posted November 7, 2014

For some of you ‘I’m not a machine’ is completely new and this is true in that we are a newly incorporated business (just 5 months old) with a music brand that now stands at the forefront of our activities – I’m not a machine music being an all female record label & publisher for soul-centred singer songwriters. But actually others will know that our roots have been growing for quite some time! Very technically I’m not a machine productions (INAMP) began in May of 2006 for a one off national festival in the UK called 100% Pure, developed and co-curated by Verity Pabla with Sarah E Jones, which happened for one week in August ’06. However, the idea for the ‘international creative production house’ really started when Verity took hold of the concept and made the commitment to using INAMP for various creative projects, developed ‘in-house’. From a set of limited edition giftpacks to a social issue documentary film season in Coventry, England, through to the live & recorded music of the Verity Pabla Band and one off events for the likes of Bang & Olufsen in Auckland, New Zealand; I’m not a machine productions is happy and proud to still be here 7 years on from that fateful day where a commitment was made to bringing authentic, artistic, and aspirational work into the world. Thanks for sticking with INAMP or joining us through our ‘baby’ – I’m not a machine music – we’ve only just begun & hope to bring you inspiration through all of our future creative endeavours! CHEERS!!!
~ I’m not a machine ~