Posted August 28, 2018

Hey! We’re back with another update and the hope that your August is going well! Let’s jump straight in – we’ve had 5 album releases so far this month, and we have another 2 coming right up to be available for streaming/download on the usual sites – Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Amazon, etc. These two EPs come from English Grime artists Skatta & ShadowCV6 with producer Motif on the beats based Premium Bangers, and upcoming London engineer & producer Jack Hudson who debuts a Synthwave special called Turing Test. All of these records are available through our sub-publishing network too for use on media, so check out our network of sub-pub partners right here


On that note, we’re so chuffed to say that out of the first 9 albums from our production music label we have had media placements for almost EVERY SINGLE TRACK via our Sydney based partner BMG PM Asia Pacific – big shout out to them, the I’m not a machine producers/artists and our new clients especially in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand & the UAE!!


Beyond this, on the commercial sync licensing side of I’m not a machine, we would love to recommend our partner to you if you are a music supervisor – the awesome Plutonic Group Syncs! We have a unique alliance with PGS & feel that two Sync Agents, with the catalogues that we represent, are better and stronger than one, and we love to ensure music supervisors receive songs that are as tight to brief as possible. Between us we’ve had some neat placements and satisfied clients, and naturally we’d love to become YOUR trusted source too if you don’t already work with us. From emerging British artists through to Vintage tracks, Hits and cool Scandinavian tunes, we have a selection of music without compromise on quality, available for one stop and easy clear licensing. We don’t skimp on the A&R process and relationships with artists, labels and publishers are super important to both I’m not a machine & PGS, so reach out if you want to try us out with a sync brief!


Until the next update – thanks for checking in and have a great day wherever you are in the world…