Our UK Sub-Publisher: FELT Music

Posted December 4, 2017

This year our newly formed production music label has really started to develop well! After being scouted by the Head of Production Music at ROBA in Hamburg for Germany, Switzerland & Austria [and launching with them late last year] we then entered into conversation with FELT Music in London about the possibility of joining forces for the UK territory. Known for their high quality work and well established in the British advertising field especially, FELT are a dream partner for any production music label, let alone one so new and small!


But maybe this is our appeal – here at “I’m not a machine” we’re not looking to be like everyone else and our particular production music label will never be Jingles or Strings Volume 17. A&R is a top priority and we rep a handpicked selection of awesome commercial producers, artists & composers, under production music terms. More than this, their albums are not developed at a lower quality or with lesser artistry because of the context in which the music will be used. Rather, our emphasis is on delivering music that is commercial, artistic & often cool as f*** but in a one stop manner with edits and cut downs suited to typical media usage.


With this in mind, why not take a listen on the FELT Production Music website & be in touch with the team there if you have a licensing enquiry for your project (for those who are UK based)! Keep an eye out on their socials, including the new Facebook page, for the forthcoming release this month from electronica wizard My Devices and upcoming I’m not a machine x FELT collabs in 2018. Matching music to media with deft effect #imnotamachine #FeltProductionMusic